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Prenuptial Agreements

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A prenuptial agreement may be advisable in circumstances such as the following:

  • One or both engaged persons owns real estate
  • One or both engaged persons has a high-income career
  • One or both engaged persons owns or expects to receive or inherit assets of significant value or special importance, such as family heirlooms or a family farm
  • There are children from previous marriages or relationships
  • A fiancé/fiancée owns a business

Contact the Advocacy Law Center, PLLC, in Kootenai County to schedule a free phone consultation with a lawyer specializing in premarital agreements. Discuss financial and legal factors worth considering if you are planning to get married and wonder whether a premarital agreement is advisable in your situation.

Why Have a Prenuptial Agreement?

When two people get married, the law assumes that they are taking on certain financial responsibilities for each other. It is wise to discuss those responsibilities with a lawyer before saying, “I do.” A clear understanding of the legal aspects of marriage helps people know what they are agreeing to when they enter into matrimony.

Is a prenuptial agreement in essence a predictor of failure? Quite the contrary. It is a vehicle for full, honest disclosure of assets. It is a contract that spells out before the marriage the parties’ expectations and assumptions with regard to property ownership and support both during the marriage and in the event of separation or divorce down the road.

Consider it “Marriage Insurance”

No one wants to contemplate an untimely death, a diagnosis of cancer or a house fire. But we understand that an insurance policy offers protection to ourselves and our families in case of the unexpected or the unthinkable. Likewise, a prenuptial agreement may be considered a form of “marriage insurance,” similar to life insurance, health insurance or fire insurance. No one gets married with the idea of getting divorced. A premarital agreement may offer peace of mind for family members with regard to vacation homes, inheritances and family business ownership. In the unfortunate event of a divorce, it may save a great deal of money and aggravation.

Postnuptial Agreements

A postnuptial agreement may spell out the same type of agreement during a marriage — perhaps as part of a reconciliation, or as a form of business succession planning.

In prenuptial agreements, as in most areas of family law, only one person is our client at the Advocacy Law Center, PLLC. The other person must sign an acknowledgement that he or she is urged to consult his or her own attorney before entering into a prenuptial agreement.

Contact the Advocacy Law Center, PLLC, to schedule a free phone consultation regarding a prenuptial agreement or any family law matter.

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