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Michael & Angela Lozano, Huntington Beach, CA

Michelle at Advocacy Law Center, made such a big impact in our life. My fiancé started his divorce on his own 4 years ago and thought he was close to being finalized, it was just a matter of having one paper sign and filed. Well that was not the case, he was missing some paper work and some was filled incorrect. Our wedding date was three month away. I was very upset and ready to cancel our wedding. We came in and talked to Michelle, she gave us hope and ask me not to cancel our wedding. She redid the paper work and got every thing I order. She went beyond her line of work to help us. We got married on our date. You are a Blessing Michelle. We will always be thankful.

Suzie Arteaga, Cypress, CA

This year is sooooooooo  much freeer, no credit cards, no harassment, no overspending. Just love and joy. Thank you again for helping me feel good about life again. I have really worked hard at spending wisely, and started to save a bit. I use coupons now and this Christmas is really truly what the meaning of Christmas should be about. LOVE.

Gabriella Vincent, Anaheim, CA

When I needed someone to fight for me in a court room, Kelso stood the test of time. He was very effective.

Mitch Powell, Long Beach, CA

After 8 years of marriage my wife and I divorced. Kelso is the best, I had 2 attorneys prior to him, one of which tried to hit me up with excessive billing. Kelso was efficient and the staff ( Anita ) was always ready to help and listened. Overall I would easily recommend the service of The Advocacy Law Center.

Gavin Neill, Lakewood, CA

Everything was perfect! In a difficult situation like my case, they handled it very well and professionally!

Laura Cunningham, Corona, CA

Mr. Kelso is kind and easy to speak with.

Lyssa Goerlitz, Apple Valley, CA

The hospitality and warmth provided by Kelso and all the paralegals was top notch. I was overwhelmed with the support and patience from everyone. My ex-husband was a bully, I was afraid and was unsure what to do. Kelso stood by me and provided advice which helped me get out of my situation. My wish is that, if you feel stuck in a marriage the Advocacy Law Center is patient and professional, make sure you contact them. They will get you through your circumstance. It is because of the Advocacy Law Center, that I now have a new lease on life. I am not stuck in an unhealthy environment. Whilst I do not wish for people to go through divorces, if you do need a divorce lawyer, make sure you see Kelso at the Advocacy Law Center.

Thierry Pillet, Artesia, CA

I tried to fight my divorce myself but found that things were getting far too complex as my ex-wife made life difficult. Kelso and Michelle made a great team for my case, I cannot thank them enough for the attention to detail, passion and integrity on my case which lasted over 2 years. There were times where I was so disheartened and lost with the bully tactics from my ex-wife. Without the support from the Advocacy Law Center, I am sure I would still be stuck. But today I have been set free from a lot of pain and sadness. Thank you Kelso. Thank you Michelle. You guys are awesome!