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As a parent, your highest legal duty is the support of your children. This obligation takes precedence over any matters related to your marriage. It takes precedence over your own comfort and convenience. Many a father or mother has found a way to support his or her children by any number of creative means. Any personal circumstances of your separation or divorce do not factor into the state of Idaho’s expectations that you support your children, whether you live with them or not.

Contact an experienced, caring Coeur d’Alene family law lawyer to discuss child support and child custody issues when you and your child’s other parent are separated, divorced, preparing to divorce, or even if you were never married or cohabiting.

Child support is the legal entitlement of a child — not of the custodial parent. However, support is paid from one parent to the other to help the custodial parent with the responsibility of housing and feeding the child.

Typically, child support for children whose parents are divorced or separated is determined by way state-determined calculator guidelines that take into account these factors:

  • The income of each parent
  • The amount of time that the child spends with each parent

Once child support amounts have been determined, the only way they will be modified is if either or both parents’ incomes are changed, and/or if visitation time with the non-custodial parent changes.

Facts that parents who pay child support need to keep in mind include the following:

  • Child support is not a dischargeable debt in bankruptcy.
  • Unpaid child support, known as “arrearage,” has no statute of limitations. It is collectable for life.
  • Unpaid child support may be collected no matter how old the child is at the time collection begins.
  • With 10% annual compounded interest, unpaid child support may result in very large arrearages which may be collected by way of wage garnishment, attachment of assets. A paying parent who is in arrears may have his or her driver’s license suspended, as well as professional licenses such as realtors’ licenses. In extreme cases, a non-compliant parent who owes back child support may be sent to prison.

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