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All About Settling

All About Settling

An experienced attorney is a huge asset when is comes to assessing possible settlements in your case. An attorney will be able to tell you what your case might be worth based on the facts of the case and what similar cases have settled for. Your lawyer will also be able to assess what your chances of winning your case might be, what the ramifications of the potential publicity could be, and what kinds and the amount of personal information that the trial could bring to light. Be willing to discuss possible compromises and concessions you’re willing to make in order to reach a settlement. Talk about the minimum amount you’re willing to settle for, or the maximum you’re able to pay. Are you willing to consider a partial settlement? Are you willing to accept a settlement that consists of something other than monetary funds? If so, these are things to discuss with your attorney.

A trial can also reveal trade secrets or other proprietary information about your business that you don’t want revealed. An attorney can help you with legal avenues to prevent this, or walk you through settlement options to avoid such information becoming public knowledge.

When it comes to information about how your case will proceed, your attorney is your best source of information. Your attorney can advise you on the timelines for your case and the trial, what difficulties you might run into during the case and the trial, the deficiencies in your case or evidence, flaws in the other party’s evidence, and other information that most people don’t know or don’t have ready access to.

Your attorney can also help you determine if the other party’s insurance coverage will cover a potential judgment, or if the defendant has other resources for that coverage. Your attorney will also very likely be able to assist you with advice on what to expect from the defendant’s attorney.

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