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Family law courts everywhere recognize the advantages that mediation has for people who are going through divorce or are engaged in child custody disputes. Mediation is well suited for family law dispute resolution because it is private, it keeps the process in the hands of family members, it allows for flexibility in schedule and protocol, and it allows divorcing couples or separated parents to have a hand in developing their own custody and support orders.

Contact an attorney at the Advocacy Law Center, PLLC in Coeur d’Alene to schedule a free phone consultation regarding mediation in divorce or any other family law matter including negotiation of move-away proposals or grandparents’ visitation rights.

There are essentially two types of mediation that clients of the Advocacy Law Center, PLLC are often involved in, as follows:

  • Court-ordered mediation presided over by court-appointed mediators. The Advocacy Law Center, PLLC represents clients in such circumstances. Our family law attorney J. Kelso Lindsay helps ensure that parents or spouses understand their options and know the ramifications of agreements that they make.
  • Four-way meetings involving two spouses or parents and their respective lawyers. In the four-way meetings, divorcing husband and wife or separated parents negotiate their own asset division, support and custody agreements, on their own terms and on their own time schedules.

Attorney J. Kelso Lindsay of the Advocacy Law Center, PLLC in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, has ample experience in both types of mediation. He has devoted a great deal of time to pro bono family law mediation in various community service organizations.

Discuss the costs, procedures and expected benefits of mediation in your divorce or child custody case. Contact the Advocacy Law Center, PLLC, to schedule a free phone consultation. Credit cards are accepted.

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