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A paternity action may be necessary in circumstances such as the following:

  • An unmarried mother may wish to pursue child support from the father of her unborn child, baby or older child.
  • An unmarried father may wish to assert his parental rights, including custody and visitation rights.
  • A putative (named) father may wish to contest the allegations that he is, in fact, the biological father of a child when the mother has identified him as a likely or probable father.
  • A father who is certain he could not have fathered a child born of his wife (perhaps a child conceived while he was in military service overseas, for example) wishes to prove that he should not be responsible for child support for that child in a divorce.

Questions of paternity are naturally difficult issues for most couples and families. However, DNA testing enables these questions to be answered with a high degree of certainty without fuss or delay.

It is in the best interests of mother, father and child to determine the paternity in order to allow for further appropriate legal actions to proceed, such as child support, custody and visitation orders.

It is also very important for a named father to respond in a timely manner when he is served with a paternity action. Men who have not responded to paternity papers have sometimes been held responsible for child support of children who were not, in fact, theirs.

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