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Restraining Orders

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A restraining order may help protect you and your children from abuse including hitting, kicking, hurting, scaring, throwing things, pulling hair, pushing, stalking, harassing, sexually assaulting, or threats of harmful actions such as these. Abuse may be spoken, written, or physical. A restraining order may be appropriate when someone with whom you have a close relationship has abused you.

Contact an experienced, caring Coeur d’Alene family law lawyer to discuss your need for a restraining order against your husband, wife, registered domestic partner (RDP), ex-spouse, former domestic partner, boyfriend, girlfriend or family member such as your parent, child, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather or in-law.

When you ask a judge for a restraining order, you may be able to obtain one the same day or by the next business day. The restraining order prohibits the person named from having contact with you and your children, from having a gun, from staying in your home, from violating child custody and visitation orders, from neglecting to pay child support or from neglecting to pay spousal or partner support.

An initial, temporary restraining order is very easy to get, assuming that you have make credible factual allegations of abuse or harassment. At an evidentiary hearing following issue of the temporary restraining order, a judge will consider whether a more permanent restraining order is called for. The court may order family members to get counseling or attend anger management classes. The person named in the restraining order may be able to maintain child visitation rights.

Contact the Advocacy Law Center, PLLC, to schedule a free phone consultation regarding a restraining order if your domestic partner or close family members has caused you harm or threatened you with bodily injury or harassment. We are prepared to act swiftly to help ensure your safety when domestic relationships have taken a hazardous turn for the worse. Credit cards are accepted.

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