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Rights Of Unmarried Parents

Family Law Attorney in Coeur d’Alene Advising on Rights of Unmarried Parents

In any family law circumstance involving minor children, the court’s primary objective is to do what is right for the children. Nowhere is this principle clearer than in the case of unmarried parents. Unmarried mothers who wish to deny fathers of visitation and parental rights or unmarried fathers who seek to avoid fulfilling their obligations to support children that they have brought into the world should not expect to find sympathy in the courts.

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Society has vested the law with the solemn responsibility of spelling out parents’ and children’s rights — whether parents are married to each other or not. The courts expect unmarried parents to fulfill their obligations to their children just as if they were married or divorced.

DNA testing is often necessary to determine paternity of a child whose parents are not married to each other. Once paternity is established, parents can seek child support or child custody and visitation rights in the same manner that divorcing parents do. Do not assume that you can move out of state to avoid your responsibility to put your child’s best interests first.

Parents will be expected to attend parenting classes and mediation presided over by court-appointed mediators. It is absolutely mandatory for unmarried parents to learn how to co-parent and put children’s best interests first.

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