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False Charges Of Violence

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False charges of violence in a domestic situation can have severe immediate and long-term consequences in your personal, professional and public life. If you have been falsely accused of harming your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or child at home, contact a lawyer at the Advocacy Law Center, PLLC in Coeur d’Alene to schedule a free phone consultation.

Beware the Negative Consequences of Domestic Violence Charges

Legal rights that you take for granted may be taken from you if the allegations against you prevail in court. Take action immediately and aggressively when someone in your family says you have been abusive. Protect your legal rights such as the following:

  • Your right to bear arms
  • Your right to joint custody of your children
  • Your right to work anywhere you choose in the future
  • Your right to work for government agencies
  • Your right to travel abroad without complications

An Emergency Worthy of Your Immediate Attention

False charges of violence in a marriage or a family need to be considered a legal emergency. False accusations of domestic violence must be taken seriously and dealt with as soon as they come to light. It is definitely worthwhile to take whatever steps you need to in order to protect yourself from the negative consequences of false accusations in your marriage or family life.

You are very likely upset and confused if you have been charged with domestic violence. You need the support of a lawyer who can do the thinking for you while protecting your rights. Contact an experienced, caring Idaho family law attorney to discuss child support and child custody issues when you and your child’s other parent are separated, divorced, preparing to divorce, or were never married or cohabiting.

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