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Guardianship & Conservatorships

Child Custody Lawyer in Coeur d’Alene

A guardianship may be appropriate for your family when someone other than a parent takes legal responsibility for a child. The guardian may be a grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, sister or brother who will have the same type of authority that a parent has for a child. The guardian may also be someone who is not related to the child, but who has been chosen by the family or the courts to act in place of parents.

Temporary Guardianship

Perhaps you are a single parent headed for military service abroad, and wish to name your own parents as guardians of their grandchild while you are gone. Schedule a free phone consultation with the Advocacy Law Center, PLLC in Kootenai County to discuss this with a child custody lawyer, which could help make a guardianship the right legal solution for your family.

A guardianship gives a guardian or guardians custody of a child and responsibility to provide for a child’s food, clothing and shelter; safety and protection; physical and emotional growth; medical and dental care; education and any special needs such as therapy.

Joint Guardianship When a Parent Has a Terminal Illness

A joint guardianship may be appropriate for your child if you have a terminal illness. By establishing the guardianship while you are still able to give your consent, the transition of care and nurture of the guardian may be made much easier at the time of your death. It gives you and your child the comfort of knowing that your child will be safe with a guardian that you have chosen.

Contact the Advocacy Law Center, PLLC, to schedule a free phone consultation regarding guardianship in Idaho and other family law matters related to children, such as stepparent adoptions, child custody and surrogate parenthood. Credit cards are accepted.

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