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Types Of Wills

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A Holographic Will is a handwritten will that was prepared without witnesses. Few states recognize holographic wills, and only in certain circumstances. Oral Wills, also called “nuncupative wills,” are recognized in only a few states and usually only in compelling situations such as the impending death of a soldier in wartime.

A Self-Proving Will has been witnessed and signed with the formalities required by law. Your will should be updated if:

  • You marry or divorce
  • You give birth to or adopt a child
  • When a family member or other beneficiary of your estate dies
  • When someone you’ve named as an executor, trustee, or guardian is no longer able to fulfill that role
  • When you decide to change an executor, trustee, or guardian
  • When you want to change the way your property will be distributed
  • When you move to another state
  • When your net worth increases dramatically

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