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Stepparent Adoptions

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A stepparent adoption allows for a new spouse of one of a child’s biological parents (usually the mother) to become of a legal parent of the child. Only the parental rights of the other biological parent (usually the father) need to be terminated in order to allow the stepparent to adopt. In most cases, the stepparent already has a parental role in the child’s life before the adoption becomes legitimate.

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The legal adoption of a child by a stepparent gives that relationship full parental standing in the eyes of the law for all purposes. This means that the child will have full inheritance rights just like any other child of that stepparent. Adoption gives the stepparent the right to make decisions on behalf of the child, on equal footing with the biological parent.

Adoption is often thought of as the joyful union of a child who needs parents and parents who want that child. A stepparent adoption is special in that the new parent is also the spouse (usually the husband) of the child’s biological parent (usually the mother). Termination of the parental rights of the other biological parent (usually the biological father) may be accomplished on the basis of abandonment — or the biological parent may voluntarily relinquish parental rights for the sake of the child’s stability and security. The Advocacy Law Center, PLLC helps parents fulfill all legal requirements in a stepparent adoption quickly and smoothly, with reassurance that the adoption will be enforceable for all time.

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