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Through a conservatorship, someone who is unable to properly manage his or her own affairs (such as an elderly or disabled adult) relinquishes that ability to another person (usually an adult child or a spouse). The conservator acts like an adult guardian of the conservatee in financial transactions.

Contact the Advocacy Law Center, PLLC in Coeur d’Alene to speak to a family law lawyer regarding your family’s conservatorship needs in Idaho. A conservatorship may solve problems for your family when an older adult has impaired memory or dementia which makes it difficult to impossible for that person to manage finances.

Often Appropriate When Older Family Members Have Memory Loss

Discuss the particular needs of your elderly mother, father, grandmother, grandfather or other family member that may make a conservatorship the preferred legal solution for your family.

In your attempt to determine whether a conservatorship or guardianship is in the best interests of your family, the guidance of an experienced, personable and empathetic family law lawyer will help you understand the law, identify your options and have a clear picture of the consequences of your actions.

Not Necessary to Determine Incapacity

Many people in need of assistance with financial matters appreciate the fact that unlike a guardianship, a conservatorship does not require a determination of incapacity. Only the conservatee’s decision-making abilities with regard to management of financial or personal affairs are at issue.

Legal Authority to Manage Assets

With conservatorship, the conservator may be granted the legal authority to use funds belonging to the conservatee to pay for support, maintenance and education of the conservatee, to pay debts on his or her behalf, to posses and manage assets, to collect debts owed to the conservatee and to formalize contracts on his or her behalf.

The Advocacy Law Center, PLLC counsels and represents conservators and conservatees, taking care to ensure that each party understands the rights and responsibilities that a conservatorship entails.

Contact the Advocacy Law Center, PLLC to schedule a free phone consultation regarding conservatorships and guardianships in Idaho. Credit cards are accepted.

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